Saturday, May 28, 2016

Introduction to Electronic Offertory

St. Francis Borgia has set up the ability to give electronically. Our system is up and running and donors are able to quickly and easily manage their donations to weekly collections and one-time gifts.

You may also give electronically for Cardinal Glennon Hospital and any other special collections that occur throughout the year.

Current Users - Login Here to Access Your Account Online !
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Once you have an account set up, you have the freedom to set up your own donation schedule, view completed and scheduled transactions, and make changes and updates on a 24 hour per day basis.

Donor forms are available at the Parish Office if you prefer the Parish Office set up your account. The set-up is very user-friendly and allows for great flexibility in scheduling transactions. You can make contributions from your checking account, savings account or credit card.

Start Here - Create Your Account and Setup Your General Offertory
Get Started with Electronic Offertory Now - It's Easy!

The first step is to create your account and setup your General Offertory and Recurring Gifts. After your recurring gifts are setup, you now have the flexibility to setup additional gifts.

Recurring Gifts

  • General Offertory
  • Building Maintenance Fund
  • Food Pantry
  • Parish Endowment
  • Tuition Assistance
Next - Setup additional Special Collections or Holy Days Gifts
Setup Your Special Collections after You Have Created an Account !

After your account is setup and your recurring gifts are in place, you can use Electronic Offertory for other donations, payments and specical collections.

Special Collections

  • Black & Indian Mission
  • Campaign For Human Development
  • Cardinal Glennon Hospital
  • Catholic Home Missions
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Catholic University of America
  • Eastern & European Churches
  • Holy Land - Good Friday
  • Initial Offering
  • Latin American Apostolate
  • Permanent Deaconate
  • Peters Pence
  • Regina Cleri
  • Religious Retirement
  • Seminary
  • St. Louis Review
  • World Missions

Holy Days

  • Assumption
  • Christmas Special Collection
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Mary, Mother of God
If you would like help setting up your Electronic Offertory Account
please contact the Parish Office at 636-239-6701
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