Friday, June 24, 2016

A successful stewardship parish is one that has the participation of all parishioners in the many ministries and organizations within the parish. Please take a few minutes to look through our Volunteer Opportunities Directory and select several ministries or activities in which you currently participate or would like to participate in. Someone will contact you within a week to confirm your willingness to volunteer and to provide you with more information about your selections.

Our parish is blessed to have the volunteer commitment from so many of our parishioners. We look forward to your response to the Archbishop’s Stewardship question this year –

“Lord, how would you like me to become more fully involved in the life of Your Church?”

- Fr. Sigmund and the Stewardship Commission




Stewardship Intention Form





 “My 'job' as a

Christian steward

is to ask the Lord

in all sincerity

and humility what

He expects me to do

with the gifts

He has given me.”

- Archbishop Robert J. Carlson




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