Sunday, June 26, 2016

Usher Guidelines

  • If you are unable to usher at your designated Mass, please call a sub. Try a sub from the limited list or someone from the alternate month.
  • Wear a tie and coat if possible. Coats optional when hot. Ladies dress nice. Before first Mass put out handicapped signs. After 11:00 bring in.
  • Come 15 to 20 min. before Mass and begin to give out bulletins and greet the people in the vestibule. Set the bulletins down 5 min. before Mass starts, but continue to greet the people in the vestibule. One usher should stand outside the east door, weather permitting. Get the baskets ready. Find open seating if Mass is crowded.
  • Key for choir is in closet. Open choir when necessary. 11:00 ushers lock choir after Mass.
  • When you come to a Holyday Mass offer to usher as you would on Sunday.
  • Appoint 2-3 people to bring up gifts. Keep the church as quiet as possible before and after Mass. Talk in vestibule only.
  • Straighten pews after Mass and take collection to drop box.
  • Wheelchair is in first floor kitchen in Jesuit hall.
  • Wear your name tag and put it back after Mass.

Questions call Stan Bohle, Usher Coordinator, 636-667-7744.

Help us make St. Francis Borgia a welcoming parish and the church a sacred place for prayer.


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